3M Certified

Wisconsin’s First 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company

Uasg 3M Certified

This demonstrates our dedication to providing top-quality installations.

We Are Certified to provide the best–The Best Installers, the Best Products, the Best Vehicle Wraps.

Why is this important?

When it comes to hiring someone to install wall graphics, window graphics, vehicle graphics, and vehicle wraps, you should keep in mind if they are a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company. Maybe you have already had bad experiences with installers at other sign companies in the past. They give you overly-limited warranties, lower their price to beat the competition, and will not stand by their work and fix installation mistakes.

Let’s say you work with a company without any installation certification, and they misplace some graphics or there are blemishes in the print. Now, let’s make it clear that no one is perfect and mistakes DO happen occasionally. BUT, this company is making it a pain when you need it redone. They put up a stink and try to charge you an extra fee for the work. What can you do? Their business is not on the line. There is no accountability and assurance that an issues will be handled.  It can force you to learn a harsh lesson about checking for this Certification.

3M is a Worldwide, Reputable Company

Most people have heard of 3M, and recognize the company as the major multi-national conglomerate manufacturing some of the most important products in the world.  Their 3M Certified Graphics Installation programs, they add that extra assurance that your graphics will be done right the first time.  And if not, the company will stand by their work and do what’s necessary to make sure the final product is up the standards of the UASG (United Applications Sign Group).

We are Industry Trendsetters in the Area

At Monarch Media Designs, we are so honored and proud to say that we became Wisconsin’s First 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company in 2013.  As industry trendsetters in our area, other companies in the area were forced to fall in line with certification to even compare. Read our article “The Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Vehicle Wrap Company” to learn more.

What can be affected if I choose the fast and cheap company?

Let’s go through some of the areas that can be affected when you choose a low price over quality.  Proper installation is everything when you need graphics applied in good time. If the company lowers the price and gets you in the next day, they might be skipping essential steps that are required to ensure a top-quality, professional vehicle graphic installation.

Using Top, Name-Brand Materials

This has got to be the #1 issue that we see.  As important as the installation is, there is nothing to install without the material itself. The material is super important to improve the overall longevity of the job, the ease of installation and how it wraps vehicle curves, and the ability to be removed without damaging body paint.

We can’t tell you how many times we have encountered graphics previously installed at other companies with horrifying, costly results when they are removed.  Deep cuts into the vehicle, clear coat coming off during removal on entire vehicle, and we could go on and on.  It’s not fun for you as the client, and it can cause delays in our installation process. We always take photos and alert our clients when we see these unacceptable installation blunders.

Read our Article “Why is the Vehicle Wrap Material Quality Important?” to learn more about why we choose only the top vehicle graphic and vehicle wrap material in the world for our wraps.

Installing Vehicle Graphics Correctly

When it comes to forms of advertising, vehicle wraps are increasingly popular. When we first started “wrapping” in 2000, wraps were almost double the cost that they are now.  For smaller applications, it’s pretty easy to apply (and remove) vehicle graphics.  Thanks to 3M’s light, thin adhesive materials, it has made graphic installation a breeze for the DIY types after watching a couple of YouTube videos.

Regardless, if you don’t understand how to place them correctly, or if your graphics tear or stretch, you may end up purchasing them again.  This can be embarrassing and an hit to your pocketbook. If you have already paid for the installation at another company, you may have to pay again for the material and install time.

Installing the Vehicle Graphics Straight

Depending on how the wrap is printed, there can be multiple panels that have to be lined up and overlapped. Just one panel being misaligned can affect how your business looks.  Your business name is Straight Arrow Wraps, but your logo is crooked?

The best part about vehicle wraps is that they look like paint. It can ruin the first impression that your vehicle gets when someone sees your wrap if the most important elements are improperly placed

Proper Removals

This doesn’t seem like an important step, but if they are removed improperly there can be lasting consequences. We use the exact amount of heat needed to properly remove the graphics. We have special products that effectively remove an residue left over by the graphics or adhesives.

Some graphics are easy to remove and you, as the client, can save money if you are comfortable with performing your own removal.  Sometimes it really comes down to time as well. Ask yourself if you really want to mess around with the removal on your own.  Just call the Monarch Wrap Stars and they will get the job done.

An Overall Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

When it’s all said and done, we want to assure you that we have been doing this a long time. A lot longer than 95% of the companies in the area that provide this service.  We know about quality and we take accountability for our work. We always strive for perfection. Our clients are the #1 priority.

The Monarch Mission:

“Creating with the intention to set forth a butterfly effect of positive transformation for the highest good of our clients, their businesses, and the world.”