3M 1080 Color Change Graphic After-Care

Color Change Wrap

We installed some color change graphics on your vehicle and we want to help you take care of it with some helpful tips.

This applies to color change wraps or any custom striping or graphics that use 3M 1080 wrap material.

Now that you have transformed your vehicle with some awesome graphics, here are a few things to keep in mind now that you are out on the road with your vehicle.

Quick Maintenance Tips

  • Schedule 1st After-Care Appointment within 30 days of installation (complimentary)
  • Keep Vehicle in Garage or Shade when possible
  • Hand Wash or Self Car Wash Recommended
  • No Pressure Washing
  • No Scrapers
  • No Wax on Matte, Textured, or Metal Films
  • Schedule Yearly After-Care Appointments
  • Report Damage as soon as possible
  • Drive Safely & Responsibly
  • Have Fun Being Noticed!

Color Change Wrap Maintenance Tip Videos

Color Change Wrap FAQ’s

How long will my Color Change Wrap Last?

We use only 3M 1080 vinyl when it comes to color change wraps. A premium choice in the industry to give you 5-7 years of coverage. Minor dings and scratches can be repaired easily with a patch of color.

Roof Graphics
Roof graphics may have a shorter time period before fading/discoloration due to intense contact with the sun and air pollutants (depending on where you live).

Can I wash my graphics?

These color change wraps actually protect your vehicle from the elements, and proper care of your wrap will ensure this success.

Do not pressure-wash or wax over your vehicle graphics. Over time, it can degrade the face film causing the graphics to lose its luster, fade, crack and even chip away from the substrate.

Hand Wash (Recommended)
The best way to wash your vehicle is by hand with a soft, non-abrasive cloth using a mild (solvent and alcohol free) cleaner and, after a complete rinse, let the vehicle air dry, or dry with non-scratching towel.

You can also use high-quality car wash cleaning solutions. DO NOT USE WAX on matte, textured, or metal films.

Car Wash
The next best method would be going through a commercial “touch free” car wash.  We really don’t recommend this if you can help it. Especially avoid any establishments that use excessive pressure in their sprays, or harsh brushes, etc. that can chip away at your graphics.

Can I wax my graphics?

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE WAX on matte, textured, or metal films.

You can, however, use wax on glossy films. We recommend using high-quality car wax on our films over any off-brand for best results. Watch the videos above!

What if I see bubbles?

Bubbles are more common when using intermediate grade vinyl but can appear during most applications. They will disappear after 1-2 weeks of “baking out” in the sun.  If you are concerned about any bubbles in your graphics after 2 weeks, give us a call for your After Care Checkup appointment and we will take care of it. Bubbles are popped by using a pin or other pointy object, and smoothed out with your finger.

Why are some areas not wrapped?

Our 3M certified installers are trained to trim along areas that they consider “hazardous” to the wrap, so if your vehicle has a lot of complex areas, they may have to be strategically trimmed. Certain vehicles are not necessarily wrap-friendly, but we do our absolute best to install for longevity.

Will it withstand extreme temperatures?

Vehicle graphics are often applied using heat, so high temperatures do not affect the quality of the wrap. Intense, long-term sun exposure can have an effect, though. Try to keep your vehicle in shady areas during the day and in the garage at night.

For snow removal, only use a soft brush or squeegee.  Never use a scraper, as this will damage the vinyl.

What if my vehicle is damaged?

In situations like this, we can reprint damaged areas. We can replace a component of the wrap, called a “panel”. If the damage is great, we may recommend that entire side or rear of the vehicle wrap be replaced to provide a good color match with little to no seams.

Minor Vinyl Repair
During the life of the graphics, you may experience some minor lifting of the vinyl in certain areas.  Do not worry!  If you are comfortable doing so, you can trim off problem areas using an Exacto blade, or give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

Accident, Abuse, Vandalism, Etc.
Should your vehicle graphics become damaged, we can assist you in obtaining replacement graphics.  Since our warranty does not cover these items, there will be a charge for the replacement items. Talk to your insurance company about a plan to cover your investment.

Are the graphics removable?

Yes.  The graphics come off easily with heat.
The high-quality materials we use allow for less labor-intensive removal than with using low or standard grade materials. They are also designed to be removed without harming the paint.

Is there a warranty?

Weather conditions and overall care & condition can vary per vehicle so we do not offer an in-house warranty. We definitely stand by our work and our materials, though.

We only use 3M materials for vehicle graphics & wraps, and 3M offer a One-Year Limited Warranty that covers material defects only.

After-Care / Preventative Maintenance
As a protective measure, we offer (1) complimentary After-Care Appointment* to repair any problem areas that may arise soon after install.  (*See back of brochure for more info)

Even after your wrap has been on for a while, we can easily repair, upgrade, change information (phone number, website, etc.), or rewrap parts of the vehicle at a reasonable rate.

Normal Wear & Tear
Some peeling and cracking may eventually occur in extremely curvy/complex areas, tight corners, and pointed areas.  This is normal, especially with vehicles that are subject to extremely cold temperatures in the Midwest. Vehicles that are kept directly in the sun year-round may experience faster than normal color fading.

Specialty/Non-Standard Parts
Rearview mirrors, hinges, anything plastic, or other custom wrapped items are not covered under warranty due to the fact that they are installed on complex curves that are not guaranteed to hold up under extreme conditions.

Peeling paint may occur during removal if the vehicle is involved in an accident and causes paint to chip beneath the vinyl surface, or if the paint beneath the vinyl was not properly treated & coated. Paint issues are not covered under our one-year warranty.

The material itself will not harm the paint.

If you ever have more questions about quality and what to expect with your graphics, please do not hesitate to ask your Monarch representative